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The SandBox is a place to play and experiment


Create headlines with exclamation marks


This is one exclamation mark

this is two

this is three




Create a list in a PBwiki


  • start every line with an asterisk and a space
    • more stars (plus a space) mean deeper levels
      • add another sub-section







HTML experiments with Header Tags

What can a PBwiki do?



Text Tags


Text Size

H6 Text

H5 Text

H4 Text

H3 Text

H2 Text

H5 Text


Creates the smallest headline


Creates bold text


Creates italic text

typewriter style text

Creates teletype, or typewriter-style text


Creates a citation, usually italic


Emphasizes a word (with italic or bold)


Emphasizes a word (with italic or bold)



font size 1

font size 2

font size 3

font size 4

font size 5

font size 6

font size 7


Sets size of font, from 1 to 7)



change font colour to #8000

Sets font color, using name or hex value




link to Islands Institute

Doesn't create an off-site hyperlink

but www.islandsinstitute.com does



Does not create a hyperlinked image (cannot use a href command to move outside the site? I would sure love to be able to create hyperlinked images. Here is another try:


Here is the answer to creating a hyperlinked image:


Here is the code for creating a picture that links to an external site:


<a href="/url-link-address" target="blank"><img src="url-of-image"</a> therefore: <raw><a href="http://www.islandsinstitute.com" target="blank"><img src="http://www.islandsinstitute.com/II-601/II601-images/ArtSuvival-web.jpg"</a>





create email link with html

Creates a mailto link

Target Location in Document

Creates a target location within a document

Link to Target Location in Document

Links to that target location from elsewhere in the document

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