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Robert Birch

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Robert Birch



"Theatre changes lives.

It inspires, informs and enlightens us.

Whether through social action, personal story, sacred ritual or classical text, theatre continues to be at the edge of transformational work in our world."

--Robert Birch


Robert Birch is a writer, artist, teacher and facilitator. His own artistic projects explore "the concepts of mythic awakening and the critical necessity of an earth-based value system." He works as an international actor, director, Playback theatre trainer and a facilitator of community oriented projects. He is a graduate of Ryerson University Theatre School in Toronto, Ontario. Robert also completed the Leadership Training Program at the International School of Playback Theatre in New York. Birch works in prisons, recovery centres, churches and business offices, in the forest and on the street on transformational theatre projects.


In the "Playback Theatre" technique used by Birch, audience participants tell real life stories that are "played back" by actors. "Through spontaneous dialogue, movement, and music, we bring the essential elements of each story alive again," Birch writes. He says, "Playback is a powerful form of educational theatre and an effective tool for personal growth and social change."


Robert offers special GLBT Community Programs for Health, Self-Esteem and Spiritual Development. He writes:


"We are always the last to know how gorgeous, creative and outrageous we really are.... Until we have really come out to ourselves, with honesty, integrity and self-acceptance, the initiation of coming out never really ends."



Robert Birch now lives with his partner Mark on a quiet rural organic farm on Salt Spring Island, B.C.


See Birch's website at www.playbacktraining.com



"Robert is an ancient spirit dwelling in a youthful body. His wisdom of the process of life is his strength. He is a mentor who will not allow anyone to become dependent on him. He encourages participants to challenge themselves. He is an intuitive visionary. He believes in spirit. When I'm in workshop with Robert I feel included, appreciated and loved."


--Fran Bob, Elder in Training

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