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Open Architecture

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Open Architecture


“Social change should be less about fixing and more about opening.”

- Francis McCue, cited on http://www.newvillagepress.net/contact.html


Wenger, McDermott and Snyder (2002) comment, “Good community architecture invites many different levels of participation” and caution that “peripheral activities are an essential dimension of communities of practice” (p. 56). They estimate that up to 70% of a community will not actively contribute, to which can be added a larger arena of those who have practice or interest just outside the community. Open and fluid borders that allow people to move in and out of different levels of engagement are part of designing a community for aliveness. How can projects, activities and outcomes in a transformative project cross borders, transgress established territories, and incorporate the spiralling energy of people’s inevitable movement into and away from the centre?




Wenger, E., R. McDermott and W. Snyder. (2002). Cultivating Communities of Practice. Boston: Harvard Business School Press

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