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Life Mapping Project

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Life Mapping Project


As a contribution to the first-ever Salt Spring Island Pride celebration in 2005, GLOSSI (Gays and Lesbians of Salt Spring Island) undertook a research project mapping the lives of island gays and lesbians. Caffyn Kelley and Dr. Anne Zeller coordinated the project.



"We intended this project as a fun, relaxed way to document our lives, play with images and symbols, and get to know one another better. The project also had a more serious purpose. There are so few places where gay and lesbian lives are made visible. The mass media continues to marginalize, pathologize and silence us. School curriculum is devoid of gay and lesbian content. We address demeaning homophobic stereotypes by sharing some of the complexities, achievements and difficulties of our lives."



The project used a Visual Research methodology.



See complete project documentation at


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