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Guantanamo Project

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The Guantánamo Project



The Guantánamo Project (http://www.gproject.org)

is an interactive website by artists and scholars

concerned about Guantánamo and the 'War on

Terror'. It's an informative site looking at

Canada's connection to Guantánamo, the key

issues, and links to a couple of Canadian

campaigns currently taking place.


The Guantánamo Project consists of two actions:

1. We want your art and essays! They will be posted on the website.

2. Signing a statement calling for the closure of

Guantánamo. (We are working toward a media

campaign to present this to MPs.)


As artists and scholars we can

create a meaningful debate and work against the

injustice being done in our names.


PROPOSAL FOR AN IRAQ WAR MONUMENT (2006)by David LaRiviere, Montréal, Québec.



The Guantánamo Project


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