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Envisioning Futures

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Envisioning Futures


The Georgia Basin Futures Project is a project that combines expert knowledge and considered public opinion to explore pathways to sustainability. On their website you are invited to explore your vision of the Georgia Basin Region: "The path to sustainability is far from clear. In fact, it is often a maze of conflicting and competing needs and wants. How do we live within natural limits, while maintaining our standard of living, and enhancing the well-being of our community and the quality of our lives?" http://www.basinfutures.net

The Project aims to increase the level understanding of how complex ecological, social and economic systems interact and to discover new ways of achieving a sustainable future for the region, using a powerful computer model, to engage the public in creating sustainability scenarios to 2040. Computer simulation provides a rich picture of the kinds of futures we can live with and the policies needed to get there, enabling people from all walks of life to construct alternative futures of the Georgia basin and view the trade-offs and consequences of their choices.


The connected Georgia Basin Digital Library project aims at developing an on-line web resource that promotes awareness and understanding of sustainable development issues within the Georgia Basin region http://www.georgiabasin.info/


Envisioning Futures can also happen in a very simple way. As part of the Trout Lake Community Mapping Project coordinated by Caffyn Kelley, students at Gladstone Secondary School came up with the idea of making two maps presenting alternate visions of the future at Trout Lake. One map would show the best possible future: restored lakes teeming with fish, lots of trees and an engaged community. A second map would show the worst possible future: pollution, dead plants and animals, social problems. Grade 9 student Emily Nixon spoke passionately to the general public at the community centre:


"I see that we have two choices, one: to continue this way and lose the hope of restoring Trout Lake forever, or two: through hard work and determination to bring back what we have lost. To have Trout Lake be pure and clean, to be able to sit on a bench and feel like you're right inside a forest, to go out for a morning walk and see a deer drinking from the lake. Do you even need to think about which future you want? I think we all know, but are we willing to put work into it? I hope so."


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