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Diana Thompson

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Diana Lynn Thompson


Diana Lynn Thompson is an installation artist from Salt Spring Island. She works with ephemeral moments, accumulated objects, collected stories and insertion/intervention strategies, which she documents in video and photographs. Her works have been exhibited, performed and installed nationally and internationally.


In an artist's statement on her website at http://www.dianathompson.net/main.html she writes:

"Is it possible to do no harm?

Is it possible to consider every single word, to make every touch matter?


If something lasts only briefly, can it still be full of meaning?

How do we dissolve the idea of other? Is living in peace possible?

How can kindness become the base of our lives?

Can we grasp the brevity of life, and still rejoice?



These are some of the questions I ask myself, not just in my studio,

but every moment of my life. I want the world to revolve around compassion,

and I want to know if it can be done."


Image from Diana Thompson's Gesture



Momentary installations made between the tides

on the beaches of Vancouver, Victoria, and Saltspring Island.

April to October 2003


"Gesture was made on public beaches where the artwork could be seen as it was being created - and for a few hours afterwards (until the tide came up and washed it away). It was important that the work be seen on site and that I was able to speak with those who were interested in the work. Much ephemeral environmental or site-specific art is only experienced third-hand, through photographs - which lack the immediacy and impact of the real thing." http://www.dianathompson.net/Gesture/g1.html



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